Bright Post Mail Services began when the owner one day got fed up with her roommate constantly leaving mail scattered about their apartment. She would clean the place, and then her roommate would come home and casually toss the mail across the kitchen counter as if to say “I’m home!” and proceed to lay on the couch. That it is the first issue Bright Post Mail Services aims to erase – CLUTTER! How pesky is physical mail? No matter what you do, everyday it renews itself. Everyday, it’s there. “What if there was someway to eliminate this clutter from my life?” She thought. Enter the birth of Bright Post Mail Services.
The vision then began to expand as the owner started moving residences, as a lot of people now a days do, quite frequently. Every time she would move, even though she did a change of address, she would still lose pieces of mail. One day she realized that everyone in her family had been invited to her cousin’s wedding – except her! She spent days racking her brain about how this could happen. Was it something I said? Did I offend her in some way? No, it had simply fallen through the cracks and landed at an old apartment complex she USED to live in. The same has happened with birthday checks, thank you cards, bills, notices – you name it. This experience further anchored the idea that there was a need for a centralized, electronic, non-changing mail intake facility for the average person living in the 21st century.
She also started noticing other scenarios where the concept applied. She began traveling a lot and missing important correspondence while away. Her aging Grandfather fell and hurt himself on his way out to the mail box to check his mail, yet he knew very well how to use a simple website and his e-mail. Her neighbor who was in a wheelchair would go days without getting her mail simply because the hassle was not worth it, but had ready access to a computer and internet.
All these scenarios combined, along with the frustration of having to just deal with physical mail everyday led to the launch of Bright Post Mail Services. An all-in-one, modern and convenient solution to everyday postal problems. The average person can now have a real, local, permanent street address to funnel all their mail to, and receive it in real time directly to the phone or computer.

Welcome to the future of mail, welcome to Bright Post Mail Services.

Angela Aprahamian

What virtual mailbox users are saying

Never let traveling, inconvenient mail box locations, lack of a physical address, or having no-office address stop you. We live in a virtual world, that lets us conveniently check our physical mail.


It has been really helpful to have multiple recipients for our business mail because all department administrators can get important documents at once. We have also been able to cut down on our emails & scanning.

Van Nuys, CA

‘’Love it!’’

I can’t imagine my life without this service now. Not only do I get my mail in real-time no matter where in the world I am, but I also get a say in what to do with said mail on the spot. Finding Bright Post has truly been a relief.

Santa Monica, CA

‘’SO Helpful!’’

This is the service for those looking for reliable mailbox management at an affordable price. I travel a lot and never get my mail on time so I gave BPMS a shot. It’s easy to use and, most importantly, time-efficient.

Northridge, CA

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