Bright Post Mail Services offers a web based platform
to receive your mail in electronic form.

Imagine going online and quickly scanning today’s physical mail. You can decide then what you want to do with it, without ever leaving your home or office. This is how it works. You rent a physical box at a mail center. Each day you view each piece of your mail online and decide to respond, shred it, have physical mail held or delivered to you.

A Bright Postal Mail Services virtual mailbox address provides a real street address for your postal mail. You can receive package deliveries from any carrier, including UPS, FedEx and DHL, at your virtual mailbox.

Everyone can benefit from it. Here are a few examples:

  1. Driving to check your PO box only to find it empty or overflowing with junk wastes your time
  2. If you travel frequently, you need access to your mail from anywhere or need mail forwarding
  3. If you have a home business, you may not want customers showing up at your house, so you need a separate business address

It’s simple and fast to set up:

  1. First, visit our website and choose the plan that best suits you
  2. Your mail goes to the chosen address within our coverage area. We securely receive mail sent to that location, including deliveries from UPS, FedEx and DHL
  3. Use your online portal to view your mail any time.
  4. For each piece of mail, choose to open and scan it immediately, discard or shred unwanted items like ads, schedule an in-person pickup, or forward to another location. You can even make a virtual deposit of a physical check.

For as little as $19.99 a month and a few minutes of your time, you can safely manage your personal or business mail. All your first-class mail will be forwarded to your virtual mailbox address.

What about payment options? We accept major credit cards or PayPal. After reserving your account, we’ll assign you a personal mailbox number and instructions on how to upload the simple, one-page Form 1583 authorizing your mailing address location to receive mail on your behalf. We also ask you to virtually submit your ID.

Yes. This is a great way to project a professional company image and protect your privacy. Our address can be used to register your business.

Our well-trained professional staff members place the utmost importance on respecting and protecting your privacy. Our location is certified USPS Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, and all personal digital data is encrypted and secure.

Ready to move with us into the future of mail?

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